Slithering snakes in the world of systems

Do you work with ethical integrity, or are you a slithering snake? Most slithering snakes do everything they can to convince themselves that their actions are legitimate. They very rarely are.

This week, I saw my Creating the Conditions for Change work exploited. I know exactly by whom and why.

Creating the Conditions for Change was developed over the course of 10+ years. It was an iterative process that stemmed from the early days of my work with the viable system model. I have several iterations showing its development and where that development came from. What I realised I was doing was not ‘making change’ per se but creating the conditions for more healthy work ecosystems to thrive. The central element was learning, as you can see in the diagram below.

The change happens as an emergent property of creating the right conditions. Conditions that support empathy, sharing, nurturing, humanity. Adaptability is key as we synthesise together and co-create using small scale prototyping. Nurturing each other via peer to peer collaboration, developing the right system conditions, monitoring for system health and co-creating our way forward in a more human centred way.

Creating the conditions for change for more healthy work ecosystems became my brand. It is on my LinkedIn profile, my website and penetrates every element of my blog posts over years. Using systems and complexity thinking to explore and immerse ourselves in the context of the situation, working with people in a way that bolsters their confidence, nurtures them and encourages them to nurture each other, harnessing their collective power, considering the situation from a position of empathy, co-creating with cycles of prototyping and then embedding this, using my knowledge of fractal structures, at every level has become my UK registered copyrighted work. Work that I have developed over many years, with lots of action research and incremental improvement. This has become my theory of change.

Just because you have seen my work, doesn’t mean its yours. Just because you like the sound of it, doesn’t mean you created it. If someone gives you a drive in their car, you don’t suddenly expect to own their car, do you? If you build on my work, at least have the decency to reference it.

2 thoughts on “Slithering snakes in the world of systems

  1. I am so sorry you have experienced this Pauline. As someone who is learning always from the insights and research of others I am mindful that sometimes I feel I don’t have an original thought in my mind!

    We are all learning from the wisdom and insight of others and building on the work of those who have come before us.

    And then there is this….

    It’s one thing to recognise, ‘there’s something in this and we can build on this’ and it’s another to blatantly rip-off the work of others, not citing where you got it from and worse (as I suspect has happened here) use it for commercial purposes .

    Would it be so hard to ask to use your work? Would it be so hard to acknowledge credit? There is something so terribly crass and exploitative about what has happened to you. And I suspect it has happened because they thought they’d get away with it.

    I genuinely struggle with the concept that anyone who has an interest in systems thinking, knowing what they know could act in exploitative and manipulative ways but then perhaps I should recognise that despite the decades of wonderful people each in their own way trying to make the world a better place there are still a lot of people in the change industry who see it as just a way to extract as much cash as they can which leads to exploitative practices such as this.

    Solidarity and support to you.

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