Who I collaborate with

Collaborators and others I recommend

In my work I will collaborate and network with a number of select individuals/ organisations. 

Easier Inc. is an organisation design and transformation partner that helps to create better ways of working and better places to work.

Easier Inc. help people to reimagine the way they work and the way they work together, removing sources of friction so that their work works better

They are a carefully curated network of partners who work together as a community of practice – sharing knowledge, helping each other and helping their clients to create better ways of working and better places to work.

This approach allows them to offer:

·       DEEP EXPERTISE; each partner has a proven track record and deep expertise. They don’t send office juniors.

·       TAILORED SUPPORT; as experts their partners work beyond the usual recipes and ‘cookie cutter’ approaches.

·       HELP THAT’S HELPFUL; their diverse network keeps their approach open and evolving. They favour doing over dogma.

Their approach is deeply practical; no navel-gazing and no preaching – just systematic action to improve.

They will help you to:

·       CLARIFY what really matters and why.

·       IDENTIFY where you can take action to make the biggest difference.

·       FOCUS using simple approaches that remove distractions and get things done.

·       ACCELERATE the benefits by removing the causes of friction which lock Harder Inc. in place.

 You can contact their partners: andy@easierinc.com          jeremy@easierinc.com 


You can find their website here: https://www.easierinc.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/easier-inc./

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Easier_Inc