Systems change

Systems change is not something that someone can ‘do’ for you. It is a journey you embark on. What we can do, though, is help you to see where you are now and the opportunities for where you might want to go next. Exploration in your context is key and this is something that I can help you with. Only the people involved know the nuances of the context and yet sometimes find it hard to articulate them and work with them. Focussing on how the people in your system interact with one another, form identity together, make meaning together, communicate and collaborate are key elements to consider.

A lot of my work nowadays is working with groups of people who are seeking to explore and enable systems change. I do not ‘do it for them’. This would be impossible, but I help to guide them in a way that supports them as they explore the elements in their context that will help them to enable systems change. I use a wide range of systems thinking and complexity concepts, approaches, methodologies, methods, models and tools, including those I have designed myself to guide you on your journey.

If you are embarking on your systems change journey and need a helping hand to get you started, please get in touch. I offer services that range from working with you in your context to enhance your understanding of systems and complexity, coaching for those who are guiding others through systems change to working with you on a programme of workshops/ online events to develop your systems and complexity thinking understanding and capabilities.