Systems Change

Systems Change

Systems change is not something that a business consultant can ‘do’ for you. It is a journey you embark on, a process you go through and a destination you arrive at. What systems practitioners like myself can do is help you to see where you are now and expose opportunities for where you might want to go next. Only the people involved in a situation know the nuances of the context and yet sometimes they can find it difficult to articulate and work with their observations. I use a wide range of systems thinking and complexity concepts, approaches, methodologies, methods, models and tools, including those I have designed myself, to guide you in making sense of your observations as you embark on your journey.

My role as trainer, guide and coach

I work with individuals, organisations and place based groups who are working on systems change. I help them make sense of their observations of a situation. I also support them to unlock their own talents and gifts, enabling them to move forwards with realistic change.  There is no room for heroes and egos in my approach. The focus is on coaching, building capacity and capability, encouraging and nurturing.

As coach and guide, I aim to unlock hidden skills and talents of those involved in systems change. I develop systems and complexity thinking capabilities, support you to think differently about your situation and help build your confidence, so that you can empower yourself to take action for change. I help you understand and develop effective networks, interactions and relationships and support you as you take your first tentative steps on your systems change journey.


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