Pauline Roberts MSc STiP

Attempts to control complex systems by using the kind of mechanical reductionist thinking championed by thinkers from Newton to Taylor – breaking everything down into component parts, or optimising individual elements – tend to be pointless at best, or destructive at worst’ – General Stanley McChrsystal, 2015.

We now widely recognise that whilst efficiency is important, the ability to continually adapt to complexity is absolutely imperative.

My approach utilises a number of systems thinking approaches that help organisations to respond to complexity with agility and flexibility. With a focus on creativity, innovation, learning and contextual competencies I can help you to change the way you observe, diagnose, act and interact with your workplace and immediate environment. I can help you strike a balance between chaos and control and enhance your capacity to rise to emerging challenges.

Whether you are a senior manager or a front-line member of staff, I can help you look for better ways of managing the complexity around you so that you can better support your communities in the way that you want to.

I can offer you a structured approach, using a facilitative and coaching style, to enable people from across multiple organisations to take a helicoptering view, to think differently together, to collaborate and to experiment and innovate. This will enable you to build a common sense of purpose, create value and, over time, develop a collective identity.

Never before has it been more important to be able to ‘pivot’ and develop a mindset that effectively builds on the opportunities created by change, to allow you to be resilient to shocks from your environment.

I can help you shift from trying to heavily predict the future to a focus on rapidly testing and scaling new ideas, thus adopting an entrepreneurial mindset to the way you work.

If you require systems thinking, change management, commissioning, process improvement or transformation support in the workplace, general facilitation or training in systems thinking please do get in touch.

LinkedIn profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/pauline-roberts-285b7a24

Twitter: @PRoberts666

p.liner@hotmail.co.uk or paulineroberts452@btinternet.com


Pauline Roberts Systems Practitioner Limited.

Company Number: 10359731

Registered address: 30 Westgate, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3AS.

Registered in England & Wales











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