Pauline Roberts MSc STiP

About me

I am an independent systems thinking consultant with a background from public services and the private sector. I have worked with the NHS, Local Authorities, MoD, pharmaceutical industry and the charity sector. I am a Visiting Lecturer at CASS Business School, City University, London, in undergraduate Applied Systems Thinking and an Associate Lecturer with the Open University on the MSc Systems Thinking in Practice module TU811 – Thinking Strategically – Systems Tools for Managing Change. I also spent a couple of years as Exec Director- Open Days for SCiO (Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations), a community for systems practitioners.

I am a passionate advocate for building systems thinking communities in ways that allow intellectual challenge and nurturing support to practitioners and those interested in systems thinking. I’m also a big believer of bringing a variety of disciplines together to discover new ways of moving  forward together and spanning traditional academic boundaries.

Being a systems thinker, I use a different consultancy approach to the traditional ‘problem’- ‘solution’ type approaches. I aim to design a working context that allows ongoing adaptability, transformation and sustainability. To do this, I believe systems thinking needs to be embedded  at every level and I do that via a mixture of diagnosis, workshops, training and most importantly on the ground observations and working with teams to embed the thinking in their context.

I have spent over 10 years using working in a particular way that has led to the  development of my Blended Systems Thinking Approaches to transformation and change.

Go to the ‘my approaches’ page to find out more.

If you require help with transformation, change management, system change, system leadership, facilitation or commissioning in the workplace or training in systems and complexity thinking please do get in touch.

LinkedIn profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/pauline-roberts-285b7a24

Twitter: @PRoberts666


Pauline Roberts Systems Practitioner Limited.

Company Number: 10359731

Registered address: 30 Westgate, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3AS.

Registered in England & Wales











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