My approach

Gain a coherent understanding of your current context

My approach is a systems and complexity thinking informed approach that can be used to give a wide range of options for improvements and change. I help you to explore your context, identifying where systems conditions can be nurtured to give more effective working and collaborations.

Synthesis of information

Synthesising information gathered, I  work with you to help you reframe the situation, expose values and purposes and find a way forward with a range of options for improvements.

Co-create options for improvements

My aim is to help you understand and put in place the conditions required for your organisation or service to adapt, thrive and survive in what might be a rapidly changing environment.


I do not use a traditional ‘problem-solution’ style of consulting.  I seek to help you develop a working context that ‘Creates the Conditions for Change’, so you can thrive and survive in the longer term.

Some additional benefits to taking this approach:

  • It can explicitly identify power dynamics, so that you can develop strategies for dealing with them
  • It encourages stakeholders at all levels to take responsibility for and drive systemic change
  • It can help to identify potential conflict situations
  • It can help teams to create an environment of ongoing innovation
  • It encourages a greater entrepreneurial mindset
  • It encourages you to experiment and identifies that failure is temporary and, in some cases, a necessary pre-cursor to success
  • It can give you a different response to conflict

My approach heavily uses management cybernetics (and other systems and complexity thinking) in a way that brings a fresh new perspective of your situation, opening up new possibilities that you may not have previously considered.