My approach

My approach, including a suite of workshop and consultancy materials, is based on my learning and experiences with systems thinking, especially (but not exclusively) my work with Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model (VSM). The approach is three fold.

Firstly, I use the Viable System Model in its technical form to understand the functions, interconnecting dynamics and communication in a situation. I expand on this using other systems thinking approaches, as and when required, to enact a Systemic Inquiry of the situation.

Secondly, I focus on Creating the Conditions for Change©. This element of the approach has been developed from my work with the Viable System Model, but focussing on what human beings are doing and what they need in the situation. This element focusses on bringing humanity back into work situations and supporting people to be adaptive to the changing environment. It is applicable at every fractal scale within a situation and can support people to feel more nourished by their everyday work.

Thirdly, I focus on developing the systems thinking skills and inner self confidence of the people involved in the situation, working with the Viable System Model at the scale of the individual.

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