I offer a range of services, tailored bespoke to your needs. Please get in touch for an exploratory call (30 mins) to discuss your requirements.



Commissioning, change and transformation support

I look at your situation ‘through a systems thinking lens’, to support you in understanding the complexity you face. I then help you develop a set of options for improvement that are complexity and systems thinking informed.

I have a background in both public services and private organisations in strategy and transformation, operational management and quality management. I am used to cross organisational working, particularly across health and care. I have my own consultancy approach that enables me to undertake a ‘systems health check’ of your complex situation and identify areas of potential improvements. The length of input can be tailored to your needs.

Lecturing and tutoring

I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and I am interested in associate lecturing/ tutoring in systems thinking.

I am currently an Associate Lecturer with the Open University on the courses: TB871 Making Strategy with Systems Thinking in Practice, TB872 Managing Change with Systems Thinking in Practice and T220 Environmental Management: systems and sustainability. I am also a Visiting Lecturer at Bayes Business School, City University, London, in applied systems thinking on the undergraduate business courses.

Being an experienced systems practitioner, I bring my experiential learning about applying systems thinking in real world situations into my tutoring practices.

I am particularly interested in online tutoring.


Creating the Conditions for Change© workshop

This is a my flagship workshop. It is highly interactive, using a case study example to guide you through Creating the Conditions for Change©. This workshop comes with a Systems Thinking Change Wheel© infographic, a short A4 booklet about Creating the Conditions for Change© and a set of accompanying action cards.

This workshop can be delivered face to face and online.

Exploring Curiously: Exposing Hidden Patterns© Workshop

This workshop helps you develop your systems thinking observational skills, enabling you to spot common patterns that exist in complex situations. This supports you to identify potential places of intervention to enable positive change.

Viable System Model Workshop

This workshop is for those who have some familiarity with systems thinking and are interested in understanding what makes systems viable. You will learn about the elements of Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model and how to apply it in real life situations.

Online training sessions

I offer a range of training in systems thinking, systems change, systems leadership and systems mapping techniques developed bespoke to your needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

Systems thinking ‘micro’ training taster sessions

These sessions are 1-hour sessions, delivered online. They give a taster of some key elements of systems thinking and how it can be used. Cost is per person and you need a minimum of 4 people for me to run the session.

Note about online training

Many organisations have asked me if they can record my training sessions. I do not allow this due to the sensitive material used in the sessions and because my materials are copyrighted. When you sign up to a training session, you are paying for the session to be delivered to you, not buying the materials/ training session, unless agreed with myself.


Systems thinking coaching and support

Guiding you on your journey with systems thinking. Coaching sessions are usually 1-2 hours long. No minimum number required. We work out your requirements between us.

Place based systems change support

I offer place based systems change support, tailored to your needs. This is usually a mixture of workshops and one to one coaching support.  I use my Creating the Conditions for Change© approach to support this work.

Support with your Community of Practice

I offer systems thinking input and coaching for those working to develop a community of practice in their context. I can help guide you through getting started, how to gain momentum and how to understand the challenges your community of practice might come up against over time.


I offer facilitation services, particularly for workshops with multi-agency attendees who are focussing on systems thinking, systems change and systems leadership.

Past clients

Past clients have included (not exclusively): York Multiple Complex Needs Network, Diabetes UK, Lankelly Chase, Corra Foundation, Changing Lives, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, NHS London Leadership Academy, NHS Bury, Bury Council, Hull CCG, Advice York, The Children’s Society, Methods Consultancy, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Local Motion, Ministry of Defence, Conexus Healthcare, Parent Carers Derby, WWF, Change Nottingham Partnership, Nottingham Violence Reduction Unit, York Management School, Public Health Wales, Gamma Telecoms.

In you do not see what you specifically require in this list, please contact me to discuss your requirements