Services I provide

I provide the following services as standard and many additional bespoke management consultancy and systems thinking services. Please get in touch for further details.

Training and workshops

I offer training in applying systems thinking to your situation. This can be a standard session(s) or can be tailored to your needs. Many of my sessions use case studies from my work. Alternatively, I can use a case study of your own and build the session(s) around that

Viable systems – workshops for those who have some familiarity with systems thinking and are interested in understanding what makes systems viable (If you have no knowledge of systems thinking then I can combine this with a ‘systems thinking basics’ session).

Creating the conditions for change – a highly interactive one day workshop to help you understand and create the conditions for change in your own context. This is particularly useful for those working on systems change and links in some elements of viable systems. I have created a ‘Systems Thinking Change Wheel’ and action cards that help you to create the conditions for change yourself.

Systems change and system leadership  – A one off or a series of workshops on systems change and system leadership, tailored to your needs.

Systems thinking basics – a one day workshop that introduces you to some basic systems thinking approaches that you can easily apply to your everyday working. If more in depth learning is required, then I can co-develop a series of workshops tailored to your needs.

Systems thinking ‘on the job’ – I can work with you, in your context, to help you look at and understand your situation through a ‘systems thinking lens’.

Systems Change

If you are working with a group of colleagues from across an area and require some systems thinking input, then I can tailor that input to your requirements. That might be bespoke workshops and/ or observations in your context with a ‘systems thinking lens’. I can work 1:1 with people or with groups to enhance their systems thinking and practice skills.

Helping you to understand your situation and develop options for improvement

This might be a complex situation that is not working as it should and you aren’t sure why. It might be something as simple as a service that is not performing well.  I help you to understand the complexity in the situation and why you are getting your current outcomes/ results. I can then help you to develop a set of options for improvement that are complexity and systems thinking informed.

This  can be a short 10 day overview of a small area, a 20 day more in depth view or a longer piece of work tailored to your needs.


I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and am available for lecturing/ tutoring opportunities in systems thinking.


I offer faclitation services, particularly  with diverse groups with multiple perspectives.

Public services management consultancy, transformation, quality improvement and commissioning

I have a background as an commissioner and have done substantial work in the NHS. I can undertake service reviews, cost savings reviews, project and programme management and many other management consultancy services, all informed by a systems and complexity thinking.

I use a combination of systems thinking approaches to help organisations thrive and survive in challenging circumstances. I focus on creativity, innovation and contextual competencies to enhance capacity, capability and adaptability.

Please contact me for further details: