Crossing the Bridge

Upcoming book: Crossing the Bridge

In my upcoming book, ‘Crossing the Bridge’ I talk about my learning journey into systems thinking and the development of my Creating the Conditions for Change© approach. I also talk about some common things that systems thinking practitioners come up against in the workplace.

It is not written in a technical or academic way, but in a way that I think will appeal to those who are interested in a practitioner’s journey. I cover what it has been like to venture into the world of work as a systems thinking practitioner – how systems thinking was received or wasn’t as the case might have been. I discuss the often talked about, but rarely written down, aspects of the journey.

It is a book of four distinct parts:

  1. The first part is about the formative years of my systems practice and how I started to embed systems thinking concepts and habits into my practice. It is written in the style of a memoir of my experiences.
  2. The second part is about my ever-evolving approach, Creating the Conditions for Change© and the wider approach of which it is a part.
  3. Part three is specifically about the practitioner’s journey. This is where I discuss some of the common things that systems thinking practitioners have to contend with. They are the things that people ask me about the most. The things people find difficult to deal with and the things that can put some people off practicing. Hopefully, by sharing stories about these things, it will encourage others to keep going with their own journey.
  4. The final part is about the things I am contemplating now that I am on the next stage of my systems thinking and practice journey. What appeals to me as I am moving forward into a new place in my learning?

The book aims to give insights into the real on the ground experiences of a systems thinking practitioner. It is also aimed at encouraging others not only to continue with their own journey, but to find ways to share it. Some of the greatest value that systems thinking practitioners can bring to a situation is often not talked about. Some of it is exposed in the book as I celebrate my learning journey and the wisdom of those I have engaged with along the way.

Crossing the Bridge – coming soon on Amazon. Exact launch date to be confirmed.


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